Biggest snow falls in a decade hit Australian Alps

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Snowpocalypse. Megablizzard. Experienced Australian forecasters are calling it the “Storm of the Century”.

Three massive cold fronts are currently hitting South-Eastern Australia. It’s set to snow there for the next ten days.

Heavy snow at Perisher, Australia

All Mountain Snowsports ski instructor James Crompton teaches in Australia’s Snowy Mountains during the British summer months. He said: “The flurries started yesterday at midday and by 3pm it was dumping.

“We’ve had 50cm snow fall in 15 hours here in Perisher. It’s been snowing all day and they’re calling a further 80cm by tomorrow morning.”

The snow’s arrival has been timed to perfection – New South Wales, Queensland and ACT school holidays all start next week. That two-week window is vital for the Australian industry’s bottom-line.

“I can’t remember such heavy snowfalls here. We even woke up to snow all the way down at Lake Jindabyne at 950m” James said.

It’s a fantastic start for the Australian season which started two weeks ago. Many resorts suffered a lean season in 2013.

Not so this winter. A band of low-pressure systems known as the roaring forties are pushing North and bringing cold, moist air from the polar regions. A series of these are lined up to hit Southern Australia this week.

Deep snow in Australia's Mega Storm

Perisher, Australia and the Southern hemisphere’s largest resort, reported half a metre of new snow at 7am today, Tuesday. By 3:30pm nearby Thredbo had called 80cm.

And the best is yet to come. A metre of snow is forecast to fall over the next seven days. At the current rate who knows how much that may turn into.

Locals are comparing this winter to that of 1991, where a dry Autumn was followed by 3 metres of snowfall at the end of June. If you every fancied skiing down-under, 2014 could be the best year to do it!

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