I’ve never ever skied before.

I’ve skied a little already, just on nursery slopes. I can stand in balance on my skis when sliding. I can maintain a snowplough shape.

I can ski down nursery/green slopes making snowplough turns.

I can ski on blue slopes making snowplough turns. I’m learning to side-slip but sometimes my uphill ski gets caught.

I can ski blue slopes and some easy reds. I start my turns in a snowplough and by the end of the turn they become parallel.

I ski blue slopes with rough parallel turns. On red slopes I still start my turns with a small snowplough.

I ski most red runs with my skis parallel. Occasionally I use a small snowplough when conditions are tough. I’m trying to make shorter turns, learning how to control my speed and co-ordinate a pole-plant.

I ski most red slopes with my skis parallel, making short turns with a pole-plant. I like to be challenged with black runs and easy off-piste terrain.

I can ski most slopes with good parallel turns. I’m learning how to adapt my speed and turn shape for different slopes and conditions. Developing my skidding and carving skills is helping me.

I can ski all slopes on and off piste with good parallel turns. I’m able to change my speed and turn shape to suit the slope I’m skiing and the conditions I’m faced with.

All Mountain Snowsports use a straightforward award levels system so that you can evaluate your current skill level and understand where you progress towards next.

Please use the information above to help evaluate your level before booking your lessons. We’ll use this level, alongside other information you give us, to choose a lesson or course of lessons that will best suit you.